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New on the Site

Oct 27, 2021: Daily updates on the Industry News page as usual, plus some new papers. Getting tired of updating this specific section of the site.

Sep 07, 2020: A new paper on fine chemicals in China

Aug 21, 2020: For several more recent papers, please take a look at the Publications section

Jul 21, 2020: Several papers added, including one on recent foreign M&A activites in China`s chemical segment

Apr 21, 2020: A paper on the strategic implications of the coronavirus on the global chemical industry. After reading an Economist article on how the virus affects bee-keepers in China, I    thought I could discuss this topic as well.

Apr 07, 2020: A paper on why Chinese chemical companies should consider overseas acquisitions

Feb 08, 2020: Some initial information on the impact of the corona virus on the chemical industry

Jan 21, 2020: An overview of China`s standing in the global chemical industry by looking at different parameters

Jan 06, 2020: An update on coatings in China

Dec 21, 2019: Interested in agrochemicals, anyone?

Dec 11, 2019: A German version of the Dec 06 paper published in the CheManager

Dec 10, 2019: A paper on Chemical Parks in China

Dec 06, 2019: Link to a new paper on recent big investments of foreign chemical companies in China added.

Oct 21, 2019: Links to several papers added.

Sep 24, 2019: A paper on the importance of the chemical sector for China`s industry

Sep 09, 2019: A paper on the issues related to foreign chemical acquisitions in China

Sep 08, 2019: A paper on ChemLinked discussing the tightening VOC regulations in China, and their impact on the chemical industry

Aug 06, 2019: A paper examining the strategic rationale behind chemical acquisitions in China

Jul 22, 2019: A paper on consolidation in China`s chemical industry

July 08, 2019: In keeping with the current ambitious frequency of publishing new papers, here is one on cooperation between Indian and Chinese chemical companies.

June 21, 2019: A paper on the U.S.- China trade war and its potential impact on chemical supply chains

June 10, 2019: A paper on valuation of chemical companies overseas and in China.

May 23, 2019: A paper on chemical parks in China, with the imaginative title "Challenges and Strategies for Chemical Parks in China" It is no. 200 in the list of papers - target achieved.

May 06, 2019: And a paper on how digitalization facilitates the move of the chemical industry into providing services

Apr 24, 2019: Continuing a streak of papers: “Renewable Energy as a Market Opportunity for Chemicals in China”. Trying to reach number 200 of papers before the 10-year anniversary of MCC mid-2019 ...

Apr 10, 2019: Yes, you guessed it. Another paper, describing the differences between acquiring a chemical company in China and in the Western world.

Mar 21, 2019: All ever mentioned in this "New on the Site" section are new papers, as of course it would be pointless to mention the new entry in the "Industry News" section every day. So there: a paper examining the economic impact of tightened environmental regulation on the Chinese chemical industry so far

Mar 08, 2019: New paper on developments in the automotive industry and their implications for the chemical industry, written with Rose Ryntz

Feb 22: A new paper on how to improve energy generation for China`s chemical industry, written with Jan Klasinski from Veolia

Dec 17: A new paper on the impact of tightened environmental regulation on the Chinese chemical industry has been published in the JoBC

Dec 10: A couple of new papers, the latest being one on sustainability in the Chinese chemical industry

Jul 10, 2018: New paper giving an outlook for the chemical industry in China to 2025

Jun 22, 2018: New paper on joint ventures in China´s chemical industry

Jun 11, 2018: New paper on Outbound Acquisitions of Chinese Chemical Companies

Apr 27, 2018: New paper on the Belt and Road Initiative and the chemical industry

Mar 30, 2018: New paper with the self-explanatory title Stock market performance of Chinese Chemical Companies in 2015-2017

Mar 10, 2018: New paper giving an overview of the chemical industry in China

Nov 09, 2017: New paper on electric vehicles in China and the implications for the chemical industry

Oct 31, 2017: New paper on Industry 4.0 and chemicals

Aug 23, 2017: New paper on chemical parks in China and Europe

June 10, 2017: New paper on process optimization of Chinese chemical companies.

Apr 22, 2017: New paper on regulation as an opportunity for chemical companies in China. "Dial-a-cliche" (Morrissey)

Apr 08, 2017: New paper on chemical parks in China.

Mar 06, 2017: New paper on regulation of plastics additives in China . The last two papers can also be downloaded as one document here.

Feb 23, 2017: New paper on the consequences of changes in the Chinese automotive market for the plastics industry.

Jan 03, 2017: Ownership type is strongly correlated to economic success in China´s chemical industry - read more.

Nov 07, 2016: There are still opportunities even in commodity chemicals in China - some examples are given in a paper

Oct 21, 2016: Long interval between papers ... Here´s a new one on challenges and opportunities for specialty chemicals in China.

Jul 26, 2016: A German version of the mid-market paper was published in the CheManager.

Jul 10, 2016: Paper on China´s coatings mid market now also available in an English version

Jun 11, 2016: New papers on chemical distribution in China and on China´s coatings mid market (in German)

May 21: A rise of electric vehicles pushes some chemical segments but may also hurt selected others. Read about it.

May 07: New paper on an old topic: China´s Mid-Level Market for Chemicals

Apr 15: On Apr 28, MCC will provide a webinar for scientific publisher Elsevier on the topic "China´s New Five Year Plan and Its Impact on Chemical Innovation". Please check here if interested.

Apr 15: English version of paper on potential for cooperation between European and Chinese coatings producers available now. Slightly longer version here.

Apr 08: New paper on potential for cooperation between European and Chinese coatings producers - in German. English version to follow soon.

Mar 22: A new paper on the mid-market for coatings in China, written with Mr. Ed Barlow from TZMI.

Mar 08: A number of blog posts and white papers have been contributed by me to the Chemicals and Materials website of publisher Elsevier. Topics (with links) are China - The Future of Chemical R&D (Blog Post); Complexity as a Key Entry Barrier in the Chemical Industry (Blog Post); Invented in Shanghai? Chemical R&D in China (Blog Post; Chemical Regulation in China and Europe (White Paper); Regulation as a Driver of Innovation in China´s Chemical Industry (White Paper)

Feb 15: A new paper on the 13th Five-Year Plan and the chemical industry. In German, but send me a mail for an English translation.

Feb 07: The Industry News section had to be divided, now there is a separate section for older entries (before 2016). 

Nov 24: A new paper on how China is becoming an exporter for more and more chemicals.

Nov 6: A new paper on agrochemicals in China.

Nov 2: Two new papers on the importance of China for the global chemical industry - see the Knowledge section for download links.

Aug 21: New paper on M&A as a way for Chinese chemical companies to pursue growth

Aug 17: If you prefer to read about preferences of Chinese professionals regarding their employers in German, please do so here.

Aug 12: Another paper. Topic: Specialty chemicals in China. Don´t complain - nobody is forcing you to read all these things.

Aug 7: Another paper - what makes Chinese professionals prefer SOEs or MNCs as employers?

Jul 20: No news, just new papers. Chemical distribution and e-commerce.

Jul 6: New paper on the global importance of China´s chemical industry, with a flashy new term, the Chemical Quotient.

Jun 28: There have been more and more clients from India approaching MC Chemicals. Time for a paper.

Jun 2: Not really new on the site but MC Chemicals-related news: Dr. Pflug presented at the CESIO conference in Istanbul on June 2. Topic: China´s chemical industry.

May 29: Paper added on Intellectual Property in China's Chemical Industry

Apr 22: Another new paper, this time on Challenges and Opportunities for the Global Chemical Industry.

Apr 9: Not on this site but on that of ChemistryView: an interview on life as a chemical industry consultant etc. here. And many papers originally published in the CheManager here.

Mar 30: New paper on Coatings in China

Mar 23: Another new article, on knowledge management in the chemical industry in China

Jan 24: A bunch of new articles, e.g., on Wanhua and on shale gas and subsequent distribution issues. And of course lots of new items in the Industry News section.

Nov 21, 2014: Another paper, showing the contribution of the chemical industry to China´s present and future.

Nov 6, 2014: A new article is available here - it discusses the areas in which domestic chemical companies have the biggest improvement potential.

Nov 5, 2014: A more extended, more academic discussion of the relationship of ownership type and economic success in China´s chemical industry was published in the Journal of Business Chemistry and is available for download.

Oct 20, 2014: New paper on correlation between ownership type and profit/sales growth in China´s chemical industry available in the Knowledge section.

Oct 6, 2014: Took out the Discussion section due to lack of popular demand/participation. If you are interested in discussions related to the chemical industry in China, please join the LinkedIn group and post your entry there.

Sep 23, 2014: A new paper is available examining custom synthesis for pharma and agrochemical companies.

Sep 5, 2014: A new paper looks at the reasons why foreign chemical companies have had much lower sales growth in the past few years than private domestic companies.

Sep 2, 2014: Lots of new Industry News. The content of this section is now also available via a LinkedIn group.

Aug 21, 2014: A new paper on coal chemicals ("A preliminary evaluation") available for download in the Knowledge section. Scroll down long enough and you will find it.

Aug 18, 2014: Just a couple more news in the Industry News section. New paper on coal chemicals coming up shortly though.

Aug 7, 2014: Another article - on government influence on the chemical industry in China.

Aug 6, 2014: New article on attractive segments in China´s chemical industry just published in CCR and available here.

Aug 2, 2014: A new comment on overcapacity by Stephen Pask. Thanks, Stephen!

Jul 31, 2014: Many new entries in the news section.

Jul 21, 2014: New Knowledge Overview section allows quick access to papers on specific topics. 

Jul 18, 2014: Lots of interesting new developments relevant for the chemical industry in China added in the news section.

Jul 17, 2014: Sections on client references and cooperation partners added to the site.

Jul 15, 2014: Several bits added in the Industry News section. Also, some  more photos and pictures added as some visitors remarked the site was not colorful enough. 

Jul 12, 2014: Some interesting information added to the Industry News section - see here.

Jul 11, 2014: Paul Cherry of Officium contributed a thorough statement on coal chemicals, to be found in the Discussion section. Thanks, Paul!

Jul 10, 2014: The menu has been simplified - the "Discussion" section is now a part of the new "China Chemical Industry" Section. In this section, a subsection "Industry News" has been added. It features selected recent developments in the Chinese Chemical Industry with a short comment on their relevance by MCC.

July 9, 2014: After a slow start in the "Discussion" section, some opinions added by MCC - hopefully just a starting point for others to join in.

July 4, 2014: Article "The Strategy Development Process in Chemical Companies in China" (China Chemical Reporter 2014) added in Knowledge section.

July 3, 2014: A "Discussion" section has been added. This section contains chemical industry related topics for debate. You are welcome to contribute your opinion.

June 30, 2014: A "Knowledge" section with links and downloads for about 60 papers has been added. Most of them cover the chemical industry in China, though some are on general chemical industry topics. More articles to be added soon.